I’M TRYING TO FIND BLUE DRAGONS ON FLIGHTRISING. Maybe I should name it david bowie when I do.
Ooh, thank you! I’ll bookmark it see what they have to say! It looks very helpful.
He looks like a little ryukin to me, possibly with a bit of fantail in him.
That’s what I was thinking, he’s got a very ryukin body but almost all the results for “black speckled fancy goldfish” on google were fantails. Cutie pie any way you cut it!
No blue but omg david bowie
….I meant to type “no idea”. That’s what I get for replying to this and writing a forum post at the same time.
o m f g Pep pls


how do I find my friend code?

I got new leaf last week and am still working things out… but I have no clue how to find my friend code or how to let people in yet… do you use the train station or what?

please help… anything is good

Hey there! You can find your friend code on the main 3DS menu, just tap the little orange square with a smiley face on it and it should bring up your friend list. Just tap the square with your Mii and on the top screen it should display your friend code.

To connect with AC, both people will need to add one another in your lists. Once you both have your friend codes, one of you will need to go to your station and open the gates. Faraway town means connecting over wifi, nearby town means street pass connecting.

Also, I noticed you don’t have asks or fanmails enabled for your tumblr, you’ll need to enable those in your settings.

Answer this with ten random facts about yourself and then pass it on to your ten favorite followers (ノ⊙ヮ⊙)ノ

Haaahah well since it’s nearly 11pm and I don’t feel like doing anything productive whatsoever—

1.) I still bite my nails frequently. I’m trying to stop, but it’s a habit/tic I’ve had since forever.

2.) The first pokemon I ever drew was a male Nidoran.

3.) I’ve had 8 pets not including fish.

  • Sally: a dog my family kept for 4 weeks before my mom got fed up. We have not been allowed a dog since.
  • Snoozer: my first hamster, and Houdini: A hamster from my 4th grade class.
  • Marshmallow: A beautiful white teddybear hamster, and Moonpie: a black teddybear hamster and Marshmallow’s gay lover
  • Cthulu: a sweetie oreo-striped hamster, and Batman: a black gerbil and the cute face of the operation, and Blondie: the devious one and escape artist.

I grouped them by the ones I had at the same time. I haven’t had another mammal pet since Batman and Blondie. Those two cuties used to escape from their cage all the time.

4.) I actually received Batman and Blondie from my dad’s dirtbag coworker who abused them and wanted to leave them in the cage in the backyard for his dog to destroy. I wasn’t able to get them comfortable with being held, and I believe their previous owner had something to do with it.

5.) I love watermelon candies.

6.) Chicken salad > fruit salad > potato salad > vegetable salad.

7.) I used to pretend I was a dog and wouldn’t answer unless someone whistled or called me over. My brother said he was surprised I wasn’t a furry because of this, I guess?

8.) My two go-to dinners are pizza and the chinese takeout a little ways from my house.

9.) I liked to paint my nails, just for fun and to help my nail biting a little bit, but because I work in food I cannot.

10.) I have suuuch a soft spot for sphinxlike creatures and just general mythology creatures goddamn.

there i hope you are happy scandy


okay I don’t know what the heck messed up with that replies post but lemme try again. o H o

now we’re not icon buddies :(
BAW y-you’re right. ;A; What iiiif I made you a similar icon EH

Eddo omg its so precious
eEEHEHEH thanks yall, glad you like my dopey face 9u6

tuxedojunction said: Aaaaaargh I’d pop in if I didn’t have an assignment to do!! >:I

It’s all good homie! It’s going on for at least 3.5 hours so if you get a chance to pop in that’s cool. There will be other streams as well, do not fret. C:

thesickgirl said: I love his snout <3 and You should have confidence , your art is great!

Aw shucks, thank you!

scandalsrus said: Ned and the case of the fluffs Directed by: Eddo

It will win every academy/grammy/emmy/golden globe

peppermintbidoof said: Yay more friends for me! :D

What’s your friend code? Let’s swapsies!

And this is for everyone who wants to, also. Pop a message or comment or whatnot and let’s swap friend codes for pokemans

platonic cuddling is the best — highly reccommend it




What about WITH ulterior motives? ;D

Not just flying and normal moves, but BAM! PSYCHIC!

EXACTLY. Just BAM extrasensory your ass.

But you’re supposed to eat themmmmmm

HAHAH yes, yes. But it was for science!!

love me some fried crawfish tails though m-m-mmm.

Run away with me, Ed. We could be science bros ~*~together~*~ Also I am most jealous right now. Jealousopus.

Let’s do .::~*science*~::. into the sunset.

Omg jelly


THAT IS LIKE THE COOLEST EVER. I AM SO JELLY. Don’t know if it tops my cat dissection though. ;D

Haha, we’ll see about that! I still have lots more things to dissect >:D

Man that’s cool! Dissecting a squid right down to the beak is an awesome experience (my lab partners did not agree). Wish I’d had your idea and kept some parts.

It totally was an awesome experience, I love lab time. Looking at pictures is fine, but in lab you get to PUT YOUR HANDS ALL UP INSIDE THE CRITTER AND FEEL EVERYTHINGGG it’s such an amazing experience, save for coming out of lab stinky like squid and preservatives. That’s just proof of good hard work doing SCIENCE.

oh wow these are amazing!!!

Thank you Mariah! It was really really fun!